Ecommerce cart abandonment is one of the most critical issues for online store owners and retailers. So, are you one of those store owners dealing with a major cart abandonment problem? Have you identified the root cause? If you are so distressed because of it, the article will solve all the factors that affect Shopping Cart Abandonment.


Despite being frustrated due to this issue, it significantly plummets the revenue of your business! It has been seen that over 70% of sales are failed online due to a Cart Abandonment issue. But some calculations show the highest number of sales abandonment, which is in proximity to 83%.


Hence, this article delineates the top 7 reasons for the Shopping Cart Abandonment issue and its solutions. So, let’s get straight to it!

7 Absolute Reasons for Cart Abandonment issue and the Solutions

Reasons for Cart Abandonment

Reasons for Cart Abandonment

There are several reasons for Shopping Cart Abandonment, and here we will discuss the top 7 among them and provide solutions to overcome the issue.

1.     Concerns about Payment Security

Payment security is one of the major reasons for cart abandonment reasons, leading to a discrepancy between its impact and probability rating. Here, its probability rating is 7, implying your visitors will be highly affected by it, and the impact rating is 4.


It shows your concern about payment security issue matters a lot. Well, it makes sense! The probable causes for security concerns include outdated layouts, no SSL certificate, design shortcomings, and omitting images. However, payment security can be achieved with an SSL certificates, which create a shield on your site and help protect your customer’s payment.


How does an SSL certificate work, and why it’s important?

Having an SSL certificate installed on your site to encrypt the exchange of customers’ details is a must for any website these days. This visual indicator keeps your website secure and decreases Cart Abandonment.


They create trust and enthusiasm among the customers as they like to shop from those eCommerce stores, which offer maximum transparency and convenience during the checkout process. They search for the trust seals while sharing their financial details on any website. In the absence of SSL certificate, customers will not pay during checkout process and leave the site.


This is how eCommerce business owners can protect their details using a robust encryption method, for example, SSL, to help establish a full-fledged connection between the browser and server. SSL can be a boon for an ecommerce website. Ecommerce website runs on multiple subdomains pointing to a main domain. Here, a site owner should select the type of SSL certificate to secure unlimited subdomains. A single SSL would be a costly deal for each subdomains’ security. Hence, a wildcard SSL Certificate – a type of SSL would be suffice to secure ecommerce website.

The solutions to Decrease Cart Abandonment

  • The best method is to use SSL on your website to decrease cart abandonment.
  • Utilizing customer testimonials, endorsements, product reviews, and giving full contact details, bios, and the faces of the employees on your site.


2.     Poor Return Policy

Customers often get prior details on the warranty or the return policy of items after incorporating items into their cart. Hence, it is another reason for Shopping Cart Abandonment. An inadequate return policy keeps customers at bay and lets them seek a top-notch place to purchase their desired products.


The complex, lengthy, and ambiguous return policies of your business might make your customers reconsider their purchases. A specific piece might not fit adequately or look different corresponding to the image. While the eCommerce space deters touching and physically trying out the products, that’s the reason customers search for compliances and return policies.


  • You should provide the customers with a great return policy to let them return to you again and add a hassle-free customer service system to encourage this.
  • Link explicitly to the return policy, so customers are satisfied making the purchase decision.


3.     No Express Shipping facility is Available

Customers care extremely about shipping, in case you don’t know! While the shipping charges are the top reasons for Shopping Cart Abandonment, the shipping speed poses a major threat to bulky purchases.


The important purchases are sometimes time-constrained, for example, anniversaries, birthdays, emergencies, and holidays. Therefore, in case your store can’t deliver the items timely, customers will be compelled to abandon their carts.


  • If you need to charge more for expressed shipping, do that as customers don’t mind giving extra money for expedited delivery.


4.     The site is not Mobile-Friendly

site mobile friendly

site mobile friendly

Customers are highly inclined to make purchases from their mobile phones. So, with over 50% of eCommerce sales made on mobile, eCommerce retailers with insufficient mobile designs can’t satiate most of their customers.


  • Cart Abandonment issue is major and has a significant impact on your checkout, lowering the conversions on your eCommerce store. Therefore, you can save time and effort by merging a seamless checkout experience optimized to deliver customers a checkout twice faster than competitors.
  • You need to prioritize your mobile design of the site first. Build a responsive and compatible design for both the desktop and mobile.


5.     They’re unable to find a coupon code

Another major Cart Abandonment issue would be not finding a valid coupon code, whereas your competitors are giving them an additional 10-20% off on their first purchase. Every customer loves and chases deals. So, when they can’t find promo codes or a coupon, they will search for one elsewhere. As per the statistics, 8% of the customers prioritize a coupon code, and if not available, it’s their primary reason for Shopping Cart Abandonment.


  • The major strategy would be auto-applying coupons.
  • Some shopping carts can pass through parameters through the URL, which can be applied via pop-ups and emails.


6.     Huge upselling

Cross-selling and upselling can help boost sales and maximize your average order value. However, the staggering number of customers with cross-promotions easily distracts them from the original purchase and bothers them.


  • Be vigilant when cross-selling to your customers.
  • Examine upselling analytics and test abandonment to perceive your challenges and success, boosting your capacity to cross-sell without forfeiting customers.


7.     The website had several crashes and errors

This Cart Abandonment issue has no major impact on the cart abandonment, but it has a probability rank of 6. Therefore, this issue must not be overlooked! Website crashes, higher loading times, and bugs are the crucial obstacles to finishing a purchase and donate a sense of insecurity on the website.


  • Concentrating on the CX is absolute.
  • You must perform these checks throughout a wide array of screen sizes, mainly as mobile continues to grow significantly.
  • You must be sure that you visit your site daily, from the checkout page to the design to the return page, to ensure your website is updated and has no bugs.


These are the top 7 Shopping Cart Abandonment issues mentioned above and their solutions to quickly get rid of the issues. However, sending your customers the abandon cart reminder emails is the best way to encourage them to return to their checkout page and complete the purchase.


But you must remember that cart abandonment will always occur regardless of your efforts and streamline your process. But with the solutions mentioned above, you can Decrease Cart Abandonment to an extent!

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