SEO can be considered as a fast pace strategy in order to grow your business online. It is one of the most important and crucial strategies in order to generate high-quality traffic and leads to your business website. In terms of recent trends, The businesses are shelling a lot of money in order to grab the place in top google results. They are investing in Google ads and other strategies to rank themselves high on search engines. It can anyhow help businesses, but the right strategies need to be targeted at the right time to get the best ROI out of SEO campaigns.

Ranking up on the first page could be a good target but SEO is just not all about this, it involves various strategies to drive potential organic traffic to your business. As per the marketing experts, it shows that 60% of brands prefer to improve their SEO in order to grow organic traffic for their website.

Top SEO Strategies

1. Keyword Planning: Strategizing keywords to Rank High
Keyword planning is a crucial factor in terms of ranking your website up on google search results. In terms of understanding how keywords work, it is so simple to understand that whenever a user hits a term on google search box it shows a pool of results that contains relevant websites, blogs, and e-commerce sites. Google identifies the effectiveness of keywords through a number of queries that people hit on google. If your website has relevant content embedded with “ right keywords”, then your website will definitely be showing up on that particular search result.

2. Voice Search will dominate the SEO in 2020
Google has already announced that the voice search will be a new trend in the world of digital marketing. A new voice assistant based devices such as Google Home and Alexa have attained a good consumer base, it is quite obvious that now google search will be more powered by voice commands. As per the facts, the voice commands queries are generally longer than text-based queries and google’s intelligent algorithm identifies it quite uniquely. Here are some expert recommendations for getting your website ready for Voice Search Optimisation in SEO.

  • Optimizing your website with relevant content and planned keywords.
  • Creating FAQ Page, How-To guides and Question-based content will increase your possibility of ranking in google voice search.
  • Improving the speed of the website.

3. Technical SEO: Optimising website for better ROI
It is quite obvious that businesses invest a lot in terms of developing websites that might cater to their consumers. In terms of getting great ROI, it is quite important to improve the technical aspects of your website so that it could contribute better in terms of ranking high. Here are a few touchpoints for technical SEO.
Improving website loading speed by optimizing images, javascript & CSS codes, etc.
● Making website mobile friendly and enabling AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages).
● Improving alt tags, image titles and links contained on web pages.

The Google Search Results consider website speed as one of the major factors while ranking sites on top results.

4. Quality Backlinks could Upvote Your site
In terms of understanding backlinks, it could be referred to as links that redirect back to your website or blog. These links can be posted on various sites, blogs, social networks, etc. to redirect traffic to your website.

The backlinks are still as relevant as it was a few years back. Google keeps on updating the algorithms of crawling sites but some things remain basic and backlinks are one of them. The quality backlinks could really help in boosting up your efforts to rank higher on certain keywords. Not only it helps in referring traffic to your website, but it also helps in increasing the website’s authority to rank effectively in Google search results.

5. Local SEO to Increase Business Visibility
The local SEO could really help in terms of increasing chances of ranking higher in specific location-based keywords. If you are looking for local consumers, then this is the perfect thing which you can target to generate organic traffic based upon your location, area, country, etc. Here are a few points which could help you in terms of Local SEO.
● Focusing on location-specific keywords. For example- Best Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles or digital marketing company in Jaipur. If your website is based upon a certain location, then it will definitely show up in the search results.
● Business Listings: It is recommended to list your business on Google My Business to increase your business visibility. It can also help your consumers to drive to your business while finding you on Google Maps.

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Nikita Sharma is Chief Strategy Centrik @ HIcentrik. She Strategizes, Optimizes & Revises digital activities to deliver optimum results & returns.
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