The marketing is an essential element of running a business as it helps a lot in terms of creating “Brand Awareness” which eventually generates leads for the businesses. It could be seen as a challenge for SMEs to target the right set of consumers at the right moment but now it is no more a challenge through the use of Social Media Marketing. Since we are living in a “Digital Era”- there are not many hurdles to touch the right pool of consumers and increase followers to generate effective leads. The social media can be definitely used as a platform for growth which can empower sales campaigns for SMEs.

The traditional brands are now also making their way through social media marketing to target potential consumers. As per digital marketing experts, social media marketing can drive influential growth for SMEs. The innovative strategies and marketing competency can really empower the unique selling proposition of businesses to drive their digital growth in a short span of time as compared to other marketing verticals.

Impact of Social Media Marketing for SMEs
Social Media Marketing: Cost-Effectiveness drives Growth.

Social Media Marketing can act as a boon for SMEs as it is quite cost-effective compared to traditional marketing strategies. In a lesser budget, businesses can eventually reach thousands of consumers. Unlike traditional means, the businesses don’t need to worry about expensive cost budgeting and lead time that affects the growth of their businesses. The social media advertising gives them an enormous power to launch the campaigns as per their needs and requirements without shelling out much from their pockets. For example- You can run Social Media Advertising campaigns in multiple cities and set the target consumer base for an effective lead generation. The cost can be set according to your own convenience and it may effectively generate results that could be easily tracked.

Call to Action: Building a Strong Brand Presence

In this world of Digital Branding, CTA or Call to Action acts as an influencing force to create strong brand awareness which eventually helps in building strong brand presence. The call to action can have an immediate impact on the target consumer and might get converted into as a strong lead for your business. This could eventually be a good opportunity for lead generation. Social media advertising can also effectively boost your brand outreach through CTA.

It is quite easy to propagate the business’s call to action through social media marketing. For instance, If you are influencing the user to Buy your service, you can offer a CTA – “Explore Services” which not only gives a sense of excitement towards your brand but will give target consumer a chance to explore your products. The social media marketing can eventually help in terms of driving brand excitement to your target consumers thus influencing more people to follow your brand. This might also work as a strategy to increase followers.

The Call to Action can be considered as an effective strategy in Social Media Marketing to Inspire target consumers to try your services and products. It can be embedded in various creative verticals like- Posters, Videos, etc. In terms of talking about stats, it could multiply the efficiency of your promotional efforts by 2.85x.

Sales are Everything You Need: Social Media Marketing Helps in Driving Sales

Through social media marketing, it is quite easy to direct consumers to eventually buy your product. The purchase campaigns can be run to influence users to make purchases from your business’s e-commerce portal. These days, it is also quite easy to target consumers who are interested in your business or looking to avail the services. Facebook and Instagram ads can help you to reach out to this set of consumers in no-time. This is called re-targeting which is focused towards targeting those consumers who previously shown interest in your business or product.

The lead generation ads can also be helpful in terms of marketing your product on Facebook and Instagram. The lead generation ads inspire target audiences to learn more about your product, which may give the business a good edge to convert leads into consumers.

Consumer Engagement: Helps Businesses to Connect with Consumers.

It is a proven fact that consumers are quite active in social media channels as the majority of the population invests time in social networking apps. The businesses, in fact, can take good advantage out of it. They can not only focus on lead generation but they can also use social media as a tool to update their consumers with offers, exclusives, promotions, etc. The social media marketing really helps in keeping your consumers connected to your business in order to keep them updated. It can also be used as a tool to solve queries and concerns of consumers in order to address them effectively.

According to research, it shows that 71% of people are likely to recommend a business through social media profile which could really benefit businesses in terms of lead generation and connecting to new consumers.

Power of Creativity: Social Media Helps in Pitching to Potential Consumers

The social media is a vast platform and if you have the right tools to market yourself digitally then no-one can stop you from converting consumers online. It also gives you enormous power to increase followers and convert them into effective leads.

The businesses sometimes don’t understand the need for powering their social media profiles with rich content and strategies which eventually results in the setback as compared to their competitors. The businesses can really empower themselves by promoting rich content through videos, social media posters, GIFs and consumer testimonials to make people follow your brand. It could be really beneficial to run Social Media Advertising and boost their posts so that it can be heard by a large number of people. This strategy can give additional influencing powers to SMEs to increase the scope of their promotions.

This blog has summarised most of the positive impacts that might influence your business and might give you rocket figures in terms of increased sales. In order to burst your myth, now you might have clearly got to know that social media advertising and marketing is not only about working hard to increase followers but It might also help you to get real consumers.

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