What if Google Ads gives you 50% cuts on your annual campaigning budgets? The Blockchain technology has the power to make automated ad placements possible for the advertisers and publishers without manually controlling the campaigns. This will not only save time but can also bring the cost of advertising down. There could be many other innovations like this is possible through the application of Blockchain technology in the world of Digital Marketing.


The blockchain is a trending sphere in the world of technology. As most of the technology disruption is taking place through the modes of blockchain, it also aims to transform the field of digital marketing in the coming years. In terms of understanding the concept behind blockchain technology, it can be considered as a secure and genuine way of sharing verified information between peers without the need for third-party verification. Its scope can be seen far beyond the world of the digital ecosystem as it can play a crucial role in Reshaping the Digital Marketing & Advertising Landscape. This blog shares various insights on how blockchain can help in transforming the future of digital marketing. 


“Google also aims to integrate blockchain into its search engine algorithm to offer legitimacy and trust on the web”.


Blockchain – Promising Technology for Digital Marketing Industry

  • As per the industry trends, the spending on the blockchain will grow by 11.2 Million in 2020. The industry experts believe that the blockchain-based solutions will be implemented in every field and industry in the coming years. 
  • Blockchain Technology gives users more control over their data and choices. It is validated through a peer-to-peer setup eliminating the need for the third party.
  • Blockchain can be applied to enhance the effectiveness of paid campaigns in digital networks to increase the scope for better results and sales. 
  • Blockchain can turn into an influential tool to eliminate fraudulent marketing practices in social networking sites like- Instagram, Facebook, and more. It can also be used to track the fake news and advertisements circulating on the platform. 


How LinkedIn Using Blockchain for Profile Identification

LinkedIn, as a professional social networking platform has come up with its blockchain algorithm to check the authenticity of profiles and users on their platform. It will not only give them better scope to deliver the advertisements genuinely but also helps in reforming its Job feature by offering exact and accurate candidate matches for the organizations. 


Blockchain Platform – Powered by Trust & Genuinity

The brands can make significant use of blockchain technology to offer more trust and transparency to their consumers. The blockchain algorithms are capable of tracking the product based information transparently to check whether the product which is being sold online is genuine or not. Walmart has used similar innovation to give users more control over their supply chain process. It not only helps brands to build more trust but also helps consumers to buy genuine products. It can help in terms of generating more sales and revenues for the businesses. 


In terms of trust and validation, blockchain also promises data security and user privacy through a variety of measures. As it is called more secured technology for protecting the information and data, the search engines and websites can implement blockchain algorithms to make user privacy more secured over their platforms by giving more control over the security and privacy measures to the users. 


How it Transforms the Role of Search Engine Marketing & Paid Advertising?

The advertisers pay hefty money to Google and other search engines for their advertising campaigns which are mostly based upon the bids and other crucial factors. Have you ever wondered what will be the scenario if blockchain would be in the place? As blockchain is a technology based on peer-to-peer verification, the ads have been shown based on validity and trust rather than based on higher bids and cost factors. It might not only give accurate search results to the users but also excellently imbibe the factor of trust. It would eliminate the role of search engines in deciding the placements as per the higher bids. It can influence the consumer-first approach genuinely. 


Lead Generation through Blockchain

The Lead Generation is a big hassle for the brands these days as they are facing enormous challenges with the quality of leads generated through paid campaigns. In terms of an effective solution to the big problem of lead generation, Blockchain technology can empower lead generation campaigns which can enhance the quality of the leads and thus it can result in increased sales for the businesses. The blockchain-based algorithm can be used to understand and analyze various factors that can segregate the high intent and interests of the users on the web which will enforce genuinely and trusted targeting for displaying ads to potential users. 


Fighting Plagiarism – Blockchain Helps in Keeping Check on the Digital Assets

The cases of content duplication are quite normal in the world of digital marketing. The brands and companies put enormous efforts and time in terms of releasing useful content through blogs, videos, and podcasts, but there is undoubtedly a considerable scope of plagiarism and piracy in the digital world. It can be termed as an enormous challenge for digital agencies as they face this issue quite often. The blockchain has an answer to this problem as it offers an algorithm to check plagiarism over the web. It can actively report instances of plagiarism through various techniques. 


Bright Opportunities for Digital Marketing Agencies

HIcentrik – Digital Marketing Company in Jaipur also believes in the application of blockchain technology in the digital industry. As it is a more precise and legitimate way of targeting real-world users, it gives trust and confidence to brands to reach out to the consumers in a transparent manner. While this also gives an excellent scope for consumers to genuinely trust marketing campaigns and brands. It could be seen as a future of marketing and sales where the control over transparency would influence the success of marketing campaigns. 

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