Online Reputation Management is one of the premier factors in today’s digital world. As people are getting more and more aware of the internet sources, the habit of fact-checking and online reputation plays a crucial role to influence a consumer’s decision. This blog features important insights and tips to get you started.

The Internet accelerates businesses and brands to gain momentum by driving a number of visitors and prospective clients on their platforms. The ORM (Online Reputation Management) is one such crucial source to buzz your brand over the various parts of the internet. As information being the center point of brand reputation, it really impacts consumer behavior in various ways. It can really help you hit the marketing track with a positive brand image.

Businesses with Online Reputation Program and strategies seek additional sales growth of 24% as compared to the other competitors in the market. (Source:

The viral impact of information can be a result of the severe disasters for your brand. As online reputation efforts mostly revolve around creating a positive brand persona, the negative experiences of consumers can really ruin the game in the long run. In order to tackle the information in the right manner and utilize the content to diversify your brand building strategy, the ORM is the best way to proceed with positive efforts.

Online Reputation Management - Distinctive Content Approach for Social Channels & Personal Branding

Online Reputation Management – Distinctive Content Approach for Social Channels & Personal Branding Source – Microsoft

Search Engine Playfield: Enabling Digital Presence

The search engine offers you a battlefield to bring your products and businesses in front of the world. The search engine enables you to list your business on those essential keywords where your competitors are missing out. This can definitely help you leverage the opportunity of reaching out to more people. Enabling digital presence is the first step to increase your discoverability online.

Search Engine Playfield: Enabling Digital Presence

Search Engine Playfield: Enabling Digital Presence

As per the studies, 90% of people form an opinion about a business by just seeing the first page of search engine results. It is definitely to be believed that google accounts for more than 90% of search traffic on the web.

Rise of ORM: Brand Personality Plays Crucial Role

In the world of a competitive marketplace, the brands are fighting a tough battle with each other to rank best in front of their prospective consumers. In terms of understanding crucial competitiveness, The consumers definitely carry more power and perceptions to choose a brand wisely before opting for any products or services.

The brand personality can be identified as a real value of a business image that inspires consumers as per their aspirations to buy products. It can also be redefined through a content strategy that focuses on positive brand aspects to influence the practices of online reputation management.

Business Presence: Leveraging Social & Digital Channels

The business presence is a must-have factor to influence consumers through digital strategies over social media and other digital channels. It is quite important for a business to be present on all competitive platforms like- business listings, review platforms, communities, etc. to make use of digital channels to promote themselves as well as reflect a true sense of the brand image.

The absence of a brand on popular platforms can negatively impact the online reputation as a consumer might not be able to find enough references and recommendations about your services to choose over your competitors.


Source – MDG Advertising

Why ORM? Interesting Insights on Online Reputation Management

  • Positive online reviews is the key to consumer acquisition. The impact of reviews plays a crucial role in determining consumer decisions.
  • As per the industry insights, 97% of people prefer to search for local businesses online.
  • The implementation of ORM strategies can help you leverage trust and credibility for your brand on the internet.
  • It can help you to drive more traffic to your business, resulting in better profits and revenue.

Tips for Business Listings on Digital Channels

  • Research & Find Reliable Listing Sources like- Google My Business, JustDial, Google Maps, Bing Places, etc. It can be used as a genuine source to offer official business information to your consumers. It includes adding working hours, contact details, images, products, etc.
  • Ask your consumers to review their experiences online. It can be Images or feedback related to the product or service on listing platforms.
  • Review Management: Respond to both positive and negative reviews. The best part is to understand the consumer problem and solve it in a timely manner to get the consumer’s trust.
  • Genuine and positive reviews from trusted consumers can really help in terms of outranking your brand distinctively from the competitors in the business listing. The star rating mechanism does work to gain popularity.
CUSTOMER SATISFACTION | WORD-OF-MOUTH MARKETING Online Reputation Management - Review Management

Source –


Success Ratio in Review Management: Consumer-Centrik Approach

The companies have gracefully understood the art of catering to consumers through their diversified approaches. One such approach is tapping consumer’s pain-point and reverting them back with possible solutions to solve their problems. This not only reflects a brand trust in the consumer’s perspective but also gives them enough inspiration to publicize your brand through recommendations. These recommendations in the online world can result in scalable brand popularity and growth for brands.

Brands Opting For Consumer Satisfaction on Social Media

The brands are more focused on solving consumer queries on social media through Facebook, Twitter, etc. Once they identify someone posted a concern about their product, they definitely reach out to the consumer and escalate their issues on the priority mode to offer consumer satisfaction and brand reputation.

Impact of Online Reviews on Lead Conversion and Sales

As per the insights by Spiegel Research, The lead conversion rates grow 190% higher for a rightly priced product with displayed reviews and ratings. It is being seen that products with reviews have 270% more probability of being sold as compared to products with no-reviews.

Insights on Google My Business Review & Rating: Case Study

As per the case studies released by Google, the brands are very well leveraging the GMB platform to increase their brand reputation through rating mechanisms. One of the brands ACE-Rent a Van has achieved a 49% increase of website traffic within a year through the use of reviews and ratings from genuine consumers. This has significantly helped them gain more popularity in local consumers.

Replying to Consumer Reviews on Google My Business Listing Results in 80% Higher Conversion Rates.

Digital Content Strategy for Building Online Reputation

The content strategy for online reputation management can drive efforts towards online reputation management to pose a positive brand perspective to your potential consumers. Here are some of the methods to achieve a sustainable reputation in the digital sphere.

Digital Content Strategy for Building Online Reputation

Digital Content Strategy for Building Online Reputation

  • Blog Marketing:

    The blog is an essential thing to convey information about your brand activities and news updates related to your industry. This can cover every aspect of work culture, product launches, brand associations, industry news, etc. It not only helps you build a positive online presence but gives you the opportunity to rank in search engines with essential keywords.

  • Public Relations for Brand Awareness:

    The PR strategy can add value to your business as it might help you reach a large audience base who can associate with your brand or product. It is an influential way to build a positive image and recall value for your increased brand awareness. In this digital era, there are plenty of publications that are ready to cater to your target audiences through effective PR strategies.

  • Wikipedia & Other High DA Platforms:

    Wikipedia is a rich source of information which is also crucial for the SEO perspective. It focuses more on the informative content to deliver more information about your domain areas rather than pitching more about the brand. It can be one of the priority tasks to do while executing the ORM strategy. Apart from this, you can also target sites that attract huge traffic to build your brand visibility.

  • Social Media Campaigns & Content Strategy:

    Social media platforms give you the opportunity to reach out to your potential audiences in an influential manner. Your content strategy on social media should speak for your brand and its associated efforts. This can help you build an impression among your prospective clients. You can also ask your consumers to share their feedback on social media platforms.

  • Case Studies & Client Experiences:

    The case studies and client experiences are practical methods to add facts to your business experience. This can really reflect a positive outline of your brand in front of the audiences and targeted consumers. It is recommended to share case studies and experiences on a regular basis to make it more impactful in the longer run.

Activate Content Strategy on Forums & Communities

The implementation of content strategies on digital platforms can prove to be a good idea that can help you in terms of getting a good hold on ORM practices. As it might be a part of your marketing strategy to reach out to the consumers on social media or other digital platforms but parallelly working on knowledge-based forums, communities, Q&A Platforms like Quora can work out well to define your digital brand positioning. It will also help you connect to a larger group of interest-based targeted audiences.

As per the industry insights, 75% of businesses focus on forums, communities, online review platforms, etc. for aspects of building a positive brand image.

How HIcentrik Helps in the Growth: Sentimental Analysis & More

The consumers are mostly driven by sentiments, They only find value and trust your products after accessing the reviews and recommendations associated with a product or service. In the age of instant communication, any negative experience of your product can pose a serious stake to your brand image. I

t is important for you to analyze the sentiments of your consumers through a comprehensive in-depth study to help you get more benefit out of ORM strategies. HIcentrik being one of the best digital marketing agencies can help businesses in identifying key aspects associated with the brand image to help them leverage the internet and get more consumers online.

Online Reputation Management - A Distinctive Content Approach

Online Reputation Management – A Distinctive Content Approach by HIcentrik

HIcentrik: KRAs For Online Growth & Reputation

  • Brand Building: Creating a Positive Brand Image for Businesses on online platforms.
  • Performance Management for your brand to track brand performance on a regular basis.
  • Review Response Management to ensure that your consumers are satisfied.
  • Capturing the trends to help your brand leverage industrial opportunities.
  • Aligning your digital goals along with marketing practices to offer comprehensive business growth.

Major Takeaways: Checklist For Online Reputation Management

  1. Content Marketing Strategy does wonders to inspire audiences and targeted consumers. It should be carried out across digital platforms and channels.
  2. Brand Presence on a search engine, social networking platforms, business listings, review platforms, etc.
  3. Be active over digital platforms to identify various gaps and monitor your brand image on a continuous basis.
  4. Keep your digital profiles updated to offer genuine business information.
  5. Review Management is the key to business growth: learn to rectify consumer issues and attract positive reviews from your genuine consumers.
  6. Aligning SEO & SMO Practices to boost your digital presence.
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