Has your brand started to jingle yet? If not put on your red caps and roll to get dashing through the digital world. While most of you shall wonder “Why on Earth do we need to plan digital marketing strategies for Christmas?” We will tell you why and how.

To present a fact for starters:

80% of festive shoppers are influenced by the internet before making a purchase. With search engines being the most influential. This is a great opportunity for organizations to capitalize on high volumes of search traffic with SEO and PPC.

Get your brand sparkled up!

Get your designer a bottle of wine and play the pamper tantrum. To start off put a festive banner on your website to ensure anyone who might be navigated to your web page does not close it without a smile! Even if not a whole bright revamp, a tiny note pop up would work, to make your prospects happy.

Make your social handles rock with reindeer’s

Since Santa wishing Merry Christmas is an old tradition maybe you could replace the old guy with Rudolf. Just Kidding. The idea is to flood your social media accounts with creative content for the same Christmas that is recurring. How do you do that? After analyzing what your competitor Santa has to offer, brainstorm and come out with surprising content! Your graphics should be a buzz and strong enough to be liked and appreciated and not just scrolled down!

Play the merry connecting game over E-mail

Round the year you might be sending tons of emails to your prospects but got dismissed. How about switching off your sale mode and sending a wish with pure intentions over email. Who knows you might get a revert! The aim is to get drilled in your prospect’s mind and to so send a nice Christmas wish to remember!

Practice the art of personalization

Festivity gives a chance for brands to get personalized and customized. Through your web posts, blogs, offers, emails, etc, you can tap a wider audience through several mediums and hit the bull’s eye! That being said, you have the right chance to offer value to your existing clients and future prospects, make the most of it!

Start off with marketing campaigns

Often it’s easy to plan a campaign but with a vague theme. Since Christmas is around the corner you do have an awesome theme already! Go wild and bring in creative marketing campaigns both online and offline.


The festive season is the best time to re market and re purpose your existing content. For example, if you feel that a product or a service of yours could not grab the attention eye in the past, REMARKET IT! This time with a more captivating description or value-added.

“Online searches for festival cocktails peak on Christmas Day and NYE, with searches 144% higher than the rest of the year. Budding beverage copywriters, get your content at the ready to get that top spot in Google’s search results pages.”

Be less saley and more rewarding

It’s time to become a generous Santa, include a little more freebies as per your relevant business. Since Christmas is all about giving! Anything you can offer to help upbeat a business is sure to increase the number of sales you can potentially make. Of course, these need to be time-sensitive to push a sense of urgency – to create a countdown to help maximize those sales.


The strategies mentioned above are all generic and can be practiced by multiple businesses. However, one industry that can unleash the potential and go doubly with sales is eCommerce! The December bonanza brings in numerous reasons to celebrate and you do get a chance to experiment with all of the above-mentioned tips to generate a greater return on investment.



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Nikita Sharma is Chief Strategy Centrik @ HIcentrik. She Strategizes, Optimizes & Revises digital activities to deliver optimum results & returns.
6 Years of Global Experience in Multi-tasking, i.e. Digital Advertising, Social Media, Ad Campaigns, Web Design & Development, Lead Generation, and Reporting.