Twitter has, over the years, emerged as one of the most highly used social media platforms, which is majorly used for microblogging.

Daily Twitter users, commonly referred to as Twitterati, leverage the platform for openly voicing their opinions.

Be it a political debate, an ongoing controversy, or the grand finale of an episode, Twitter users openly speak about it.

Twitter makes for a perfect social media marketing platform for marketers and business owners. With over 320 million active users monthly, Twitter surely has become the ultimate hub for businesses to leverage this platform to maximize their profits.

In this blog, we shall be covering the top 9 superb Twitter marketing ideas that can drive more traffic to your website.

Without any further ado, let’s delve into the blog!

9 Outstanding Twitter Marketing Ideas To Get More Traffic On Your Website


#1 Pinned Tweets > Non Pinned Tweets.

Pinning your tweet makes it rank topmost in your profile. In simple words, if someone visits your profile, they will get to see your pinned tweets up first. Surveys suggest that pinned tweets garner 5 times more attention than the unpinned tweets.

Of course, you need to pin the ones that your followers have accepted well and have great content. The secret here is to involve good images, and don’t forget to include relevant call to action and links to your website and see the magic begin!

#2 Research About The Best Time To Tweet

There’s no point tweeting when your audiences are not actively engaged on the platform. Hence, it is mandatory to do thorough research on when your audiences are most active.

According to our research, the best to share a tweet is between 9 am to 6 pm, but not all your followers will be present during that specific time zone.

However, a few tools can assist you in determining the time where your followers are most active and about the best time to engage them with your content.

#3 Use Short & Crisp Tweets

Even though Tweets are quite short, using a few words to put across your idea can be more creative and engaging than longer tweets.

Just remember to be creative with your tweets and stick to the topic of the content.

Many surveys suggest that less than 150 characters get 20% more attention than regular tweets with a maximum of 280 characters.

Even though it can be challenging, it will be worth it once you start seeing incredible results.

#4 Embed Twitter Feed

Marketers often look for innovative ways to increase user engagement and to increase traffic on their website. Embedding Twitter feed on websites is the most powerful way to drastically increase the traffic and the dwell time of your visitors on your website.

Apart from making your website look more attractive, it increases your user’s engagement, improves your brand presence and visibility, and ultimately skyrockets your conversions and sales.

While embedding may sound like a technical task with coding involved, it is not quite the case. All you need is a highly responsive Twitter aggregator who fetches content from the platform and embeds it effectively and easily on your website.

#5 Use Quotes & Relevant Statistics In Your Content

Numbers are interesting and gain more attention from readers. The content becomes much more impactful when statistics are included in it. Make use of statistics if you have some relevant information related to your tweet, and it will garner more attention from your followers.

Similarly, people get more attracted to content when you include quotes. Use quotes written by famous writers and add it in your tweet if it gets along well with the overall content.

All you need to do is monitor the re-tweets. If your followers like your content and retweet it, then there is a high probability that they would visit your website.

#6 Use An Attractive Headline

Just like any other headline, the main motto of creating a headline is to attract the users into reading the full content.

After all, you need to give your followers a good reason if you want them to click through your site and visit your website.

#7 Motivate Followers To Share Your Content

Another efficient way to get more traffic to your website is by encouraging your followers to share your content further.

Spreading the word about your brand on such a huge social media platform will surely get you more attention, and the first place where people will go to check about your brand in depth is your website.

#8 Make Use Of @ Mentions

If none of the above points are working for some reason, you can make use of a prominent feature on Twitter that allows you to tag a username in your tweet using @.

If a famous person or a company has commented on your tweet, then you can give them a shoutout by mentioning them in your next tweet. Similarly, you can mention your loyal followers who comment and like your tweets quite often.

Apart from making them happy and excited, they may retweet your content, getting you more attention from their followers, and gradually make them your followers!

#9 Add Your Website URL In Your Profile

Lastly, do not forget to add your website landing page URL to your profile. If a person has liked your profile and wishes to get deeper insights into your business, save them the time to look for you using the search engine.

Utilize this point and add your URL to your profile to make it more convenient and easier for them.

Wrapping It Up

Hope you enjoyed the read! Here were the Top 9 best Twitter marketing ideas and tips to drive more traffic to your website.

Utilize these tactics, and you shall surely see tremendous results in your website traffic.

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