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Best Tailored Approach

After long brainstorming sessions with our performance based SEO experts, We will come up with a best-suited step-by-step plan for your business. Yes, you read it right, We follow industry and business-specific customized strategy.

In-Depth Competitor Analysis

Not to copy them, but to observe what are the things working for them. This helps to understand the user intent, which is crucial for the understanding of online trends for our client’s industry

Attention to details

For every SEO project that’s created, we make sure we don’t miss anything. So that search engines and clients get all the detail they need to make informed decisions.

Fast and Steady Results

A good SEO service provider is one that in addition to delivering fast SEO results in UAE, offers clients affordable services while ensuring their quality. At HIcentrik (Top SEO company in Dubai), we are committed to doing exactly this.

SEO Packages

SEO Agency in Dubai for Small & Medium Businesses
AED 555/Month

upto 15 Pages Website

  • High DA General & Industry specific Backlinks
  • High-Quality Blog writing & Optimisation (Monthly 4) with inbound & Outbound links
  • Complete On-page Optimisation
  • Keywords up to 15
  • Monthly Reporting

More Details

Internal Linking
Outbound Link Creation
Keyword Research for each Blog
SEO Plugin Maintenance
Rank Monitoring
Keyword Optimisation according to Search Console, User Behaviour, Geo-Location and Device Used
Organic CTR monitoring
Social Signals Building – SEO purpose
Online community tapping
Competitor Analysis
SEO Agency in Dubai For Level - 2 Startups
AED 790/Month

upto 25 Pages Website

  • All Starter Package
  • E-mail Outreach
  • Additional Infographic + Podcast Backlinks
  • Schema Markup Implementation
  • Broken Links Monitoring
  • Keywords up to 30

More Details

Internal Linking
Outbound Link Creation
Keyword Research for each Blog
SEO Plugin Maintenance
Rank Monitoring
Keyword Optimisation according to Search Console, User Behaviour, Geo-Location and Device Used
Organic CTR monitoring
Social Signals Building – SEO purpose
Online community tapping
Competitor Analysis
SEO Agency in Dubai For Prime Businesses
AED 1,100/Month

Upto 35 Pages Website

  • All Upscale Features
  • International SEO support
  • SEO – Influencer Outreach
  • Schema Markup + Open Graph Implementation
  • Reporting in 15 days
  • Keywords up to 60

More Details

Internal Linking
Outbound Link Creation
Keyword Research for each Blog
SEO Plugin Maintenance
Rank Monitoring
Keyword Optimisation according to Search Console, User Behaviour, Geo-Location and Device Used
Organic CTR monitoring
Social Signals Building – SEO purpose
Online community tapping
Competitor Analysis
SEO Agency in Dubai for Large scale Businesses
AED 2,000/Month

35+ Pages Website

  • All Prime Features
  • Social Signals Building
  • Regular visibility maintenance on traffic-driving platforms like Quora, Medium, Paperly, Answers, Ask FM, Yahoo Answers, Wiki Answers, etc.
  • Up to 150+ keywords
  • Log File Analysis
  • Multiple Language Keyword support for multiple locations

More Details

Internal Linking
Outbound Link Creation
Keyword Research for each Blog
SEO Plugin Maintenance
Rank Monitoring
Keyword Optimisation according to Search Console, User Behaviour, Geo-Location and Device Used
Organic CTR monitoring
Social Signals Building – SEO purpose
Online community tapping
Competitor Analysis

SEO Portfolio

SEO Portfolio - HIcentrik
SEO Services | NOI Technologies | HIcentrik
SEO services | MMO | HIcentrik
SEO Portfolio - HIcentrik
SEO Services - HIcentrik

SEO is not a Task

SEO Portfolio - HIcentrik
SEO Services | eResource Scheduler | HIcentrik

SEO can’t be bought. But it can be “Earned”.


We believe in ORGANIC, be it food or web traffic. We use only genuine organic SEO techniques. No shortcuts, no grey stuff.

No Compromise

Our highly qualified and experienced team of writers draft 100% original and authenticated content for your website, which Google highly values when determining rankings.


We follow Google’s acquiescent SEO method, which won’t affect your rankings drastically even after the algorithm updates.

Industry Experts

The satisfaction of customers is an utmost ranking factor. Our expertise can be measured easily by looking at our SEO portfolio.

Mobile SEO

We firmly believe Our clients can’t miss a chance to lose 58% of users if their site is not optimized for mobile.

Quick Communication

We have a skillful team always ready to provide full support to our clients.

Results Driven SEO Company in Dubai

Complete Transparency

Detailed monthly reporting so you can see all the work we’ve been doing on your SEO campaign.

Customized Solutions

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Our SEO service in UAE is unique to your business.

Belief System

Client relationships are the core of our business philosophy, and we bring a fresh approach to the industry.

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